Board of Directors

2023-2024 NASW-SC Board Members

South Carolina Chapter
National Association of Social Workers

2537 Gervais Street
Columbia SC 29204

Executive Director 
Juliana Palyok

BOARD OF DIRECTORS  2024 - 2025    

President (2026) 
Kristi Byrd

Vice President 
Dr. Anthony Hill (2025)

Vice President of Finance (2026) 
Dr. Mercedes Richmond 

Secretary (2026) 
Liz Robinson

At-Large Member (2025)
Dr. Sylvia Rogers    

Catawba Unit Rep/Chair (2025) 
Tracey Reyes 

Northern Unit Rep/Chair (2025)


Central Unit Representatives 
Cherell Butler (2026) 
Jennifer Outlaw (2025)

Pee Dee Unit Representatives 

Lindsey Nelson (2026) 
Dr. Jimmie Williamson (2025)

Southern Unit Representatives 
Cara Mazurek (2026) 
Tiha Allen (2025)

Western Unit Representatives 

Bethany Nemeth (2025) 


MSW Representative 
Ellen Baker (2025)

BSW Representative 
James Randall (2025)


Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification
Chair:  Dr. Julie Orme (2026)
CNLI Members: Adrienne Logan 
                           Mike Ottone

Delegate Assembly
Jeri Ross-Hayes