South Carolina statehouse

Current Legislative Issues

2024 NASW-SC Policy Agenda

The committee is organizing advocacy around the following items:

The Social Work Compact: This year (2024) we will be pushing extremely hard to get these bills passed and signed into law this year S.0778 and H.4365. We are asking everyone to please contact your legislators and ask them to vote YES on this/these bills!

Healthcare Market Reform Study Committee Joint Resolution S.855

The Clementa C. Pinckney Hate Crimes Act.  H.3014

Prostitution, Sex Buyer Penalties Bill   S.145

Homeless Youth Definition S.342

Safe Harbor for Exploited Minors  S.142

NASW-SC Strongly Opposes the following bills: 

Entrepreneur Act H.3515

Constitutional Carry Bill H.3594

Prescriptions for Minors S.882

Gender Reassignment Procedures H.4624